Core-loc Africa

Core-loc Africa was responsible for the very first application of the unit.  This project was started in 1996 at Port St Francis in South Africa. This part of the African coast is exposed to long period waves generated in the South Atlantic Ocean.  The average significant wave height during construction was approximately 1 m.  Three near design level storms were encountered during construction.  Experience with these difficult conditions enables Core-loc Africa to maximise the potential use of the unit and ensure reliable results through quality control.

Construction stage storm at Port St Francis






Completed seaward face of breakwater section in above photograph

The directors of Core-loc Africa are all coastal engineers with many years of experience in this specialist field.  In addition, the coordinated research and development program involving all Core-loc projects world wide provide a valuable knowledge base representing the cutting edge of breakwater technology.

Core-loc Africa can provide a complete range of services to ensure a reliable implementation of the Core-loc technique from concept design to final implementation.